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Axwell – Heart Is King

As one third of the powerful Swedish House Mafia, Axwell has fans impatiently waiting to release new material. Heart is King is Axwell’s first single since his huge single from last year, Nothing But Love For You feat. Errol Reid. Besides the fact that Axwell has had a tremendous couple of years with the Swedish House Mafia, he still finds the time to release his own work which is distinctly his own style. I’m personally not a huge fan of Axwell’s “signature sound” – I find it quite cheesy at times. But Heart is King has veered in a different direction which instantly grabbed my attention (and I do like Nothing But Love For You a lot). I hope that Axwell continues to explore this route more.

“Heart Is king is immense!!! can’t wait to play it in the club!”       – Annie Mac

Axwell – Heart is King

Axwell – Nothing But Love For You

Buy Heart is King from Beatport.


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Justice – Civilization

After releasing their critically acclaimed album in 2007, Justice (a French duo consisting of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay) enjoyed incredible success with their huge first release, an electro house album infused with heavy rock synths. I had the honor of seeing them live in 2008 at Ultra Music Festival shortly before they went completely off the map and stayed silent for a few years. Now, it is official. The silence is broken. Their new single, entitled Civilization is out now! This is the first track of their new album, which does not have a name or release date yet.

Ever since I found out about Justice, I quickly realized that they are excellent at promoting themselves. They love to create a mystery. Its seems as if their strategy is to get people guessing, thinking, talking and always wondering about them. Their first album, entitled ” † “, had several song titles referring to the Bible (eg. Genesis, Waters of Nazareth, and Let There Be Light). Try searching for them on Google – you won’t even find a website. Nothing. (Although they recently created a Facebook page). All this guessing, wondering, and talking has built up so much curiosity behind the duo. But no matter what you say, you can’t take away from their remarkable album. Their album was not like anything else I’ve head before – 4 years later I can still listen to this album on repeat and not get bored. After all this waiting, their fan’s expectations are SO HIGH for their next album. Mark my words, when this album drops, its going to be a big deal.

– Civilization

Oh, and did I mention that Civilization is the soundtrack to Adidas’ new commercial. Watch it. It’s so intense and makes you want to get up and do something.

You can buy Civilization from iTunes.

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James Talk & Ridney – One For Me (ft. Max C)

Lets talk about house. This one has “summer vibes” written all over it. James Talk and Ridney seem to have a good thing going on. They’ve produced some quality house tracks together, including Forever and West End Girls. Now, all the talk is about their newest release, One For Me with Max C on the vocals. Both Forever and One For Me are very housey, anthemic tracks with big melodies. I can only imagine what an impact this song had on the Miami scene this year and I’m sure its going to be played in Ibiza all summer long. One For Me will be released March 30th on Defected records.

James Talk and Ridney – One For Me

James Talk and Ridney – Forever

You can buy One For Me from Defected’s online store.

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Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me

Our very first post was about Example and Skream’s free download Shot Yourself In The Foot Again. Now, Example has released his first single of his 3rd album, (the album is called Playing In The Shadows) which is set to be released in September this year. Example has been spotted working with Max Vangelli and AN21 in LA. He also mentioned on twitter that he’s already worked with Nero, Skream, Faithless, Michael Woods, Dirty South, and Brookes Brothers for tracks on his 3rd album. Sounds impressive! Changed The Way You Kissed Me is going in quite a different direction from Example’s last album, so I am very anxious to see what the rest of the album will sound like.

If you live anywhere in Europe you are bound to run across Example at one of the countless festivals he is playing at this year. But until the new album drops you can check out his blog (he posts really cool stuff – he has good taste in music, clothing, and humor).

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Tinie Tempah ft. Ellie Goulding – Wonderman (Bare Noize Remix)

This week Tinie Tempah grabbed 20 minutes at the main stage of Ultra Music Festival in Miami. This is huge! With his 3rd single “Written In The Stars” breaking through onto America’s radio waves this might just be what Tinie needed to make his entrance into America’s diverse music scene. Wonderman is his 5th single, following Pass Out, Miami 2 Ibiza and Writen In The Stars. This South London rapper has already worked with Kelly Rowland, Swedish House Mafia, and now with Ellie Goulding on Wonderman. His album Disc-Overy has already been released in the UK and is expected to be released in the U.S. on May 8th, 2011. Be ready to hear a more from Tinie in the future…

This remix of Wonderman by Bare Noize takes it off the charts!

Have a listen to the original:

Buy Written In The Stars from iTunes.

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Swedish House Mafia – Save The World Tonight

While the Northern Hemisphere has been dealing with a cold winter, down under, Australia has been spending their summer enjoying festivals and getting a taste of some new music from the Swedish House Mafia. Steve Angello chose the Future Music Festival in Melbourne to play the Swedish House Mafia’s newest single, Save the World Tonight. All three members of the SHM have been spending hours/days in the studio. I am anxious to hear what they have been working on. All I can say is that I am thankful Summer is around the corner and that means loads of new music to come with it. Whatever they release is sure to be a hit, and you will hear about it.

What do you think of Save the World Tonight?

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Avicii’s Upcoming Releases – Spring 2011

Today, Avicii gave us a preview of his newest releases that will follow Street Dancer. Avicii just won Breakthrough Artist at the 2011 International Dance Music Awards and as a thank you to his fans released 2 previews of upcoming tracks. One was an untitled track he called ID and the other was Tom Hangs ft Shermanology – Blessed (Avicii Edit). Winning Breakthrough Artist of the Year is no surprise to me. He’s had such an impact on the scene since his first release RYU and he has just continued with hit after hit. Some of my favorites include Bromance, Tweet It, My Feelings For you, his remix of Tiesto’s Escape Me, and his remix of Nadia Ali’s Rapture.

I am most excited about his single, the one he called ID. To me this is just an epic track! So happy. So uplifting. Just perfect for the arrival of summer. I have a feeling this is the track that will always remind me of Spring 2011. It is described as “THE most anticipated Avicii track of the year. Will it be the official follow up to Bromance? Up to the fans to decide…”

The second preview is Avicii’s edit of Tom Hangs ft Shermanology – Blessed.

You can buy more of Avicii’s music from Beatport.

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Sharam – Fun

Sharam is not a DJ that follows the mainstream to gain his success. He makes the music that he likes, and its not like anyone ele’s music. His latest single is called Fun and it was an instant favorite of mine. This is one of those songs that can bring out so many emotions depending on how you’re feeling. Sharam (along with Dubfire) is part of the Grammy award winning group, Deep Dish out of Washignton D.C. For a few years now, Sharam and Dubfire have not been making music together and have been doing their own thing. This has given Sharam a chance to explore his own path and release all of this amazing music. He has been successful in his solo career – his first solo studio album, Get Wild, was released in April of 2009 and included big names such as Kid Cudi, Patsy Cline, Diddy, Daniel Bedingfield, and Tommy Lee. Fun is his first single since this debut album, and its getting me excited to hear more from him. The mesmerizing vocal you hear is Anousheh Khalili. She has worked with Sharam several times before, on both Deep Dish’s and Sharam’s music. I can already see the huge line of remixes coming out for Fun….

Sharam ft. Anousheh Khalili – Fun

Other songs from Sharam you must hear:

Sharam – Love, Love, Love

Sharam ft. Kid Cudi – She Came Along

If you like what you’re hearing, check out Sharam’s webiste or buy Fun from Beatport.

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Funkagenda – Budgie

One of my favorites from the past couple of weeks is Funkagenda’s recently released Budgie, a great Tech House track that maintains Funkagenda’s signature touch of class. Funkagenda is one of my personal favorite DJ’s – I love his music. He launched his own record label, Funk Farm, late last year and we’ve already seen great talent emerge from this label. Budgie was released on an E.P. along with another tune called Beta Set, which is NOT to be overlooked. You can listen to (and buy) Beta Set and Budgie from Beatport. Also, have a look at Funk Farm’s page and see what’s been released there. If you’re a Progressive or Tech House junkie, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Funkagenda Budgie / Beta Set
Funkagenda – Budgie

Funkagenda was feeling generous this week and is giving away one of his tracks for free. You can download Shinjuku here:

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Mark Knight & Tiesto ft Dino – Beautiful World

This song has been stuck in my head the past two weeks. I cannot get enough of it. That’s exactly what happens when two major DJs come together to create something special.

Just a few weeks ago, I posted the first Thursday Throwback featuring Mark Knight’s Susan. Last week I did a post on Tiesto’s free download, Young Lions and before that I did a another post on Tiesto’s big single Zero76. You can tell they’ve both been busy – Tiesto has already released 3 big ones this year and Mark Knight’s newest Toolroom Compilation has taken by storm (currently 24 out of the top 30 best selling songs on Beatport are from Mr. Knight’s latest compilation – that must be a new record!). In between it all, they’ve teamed up, just in time for Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival in Miami, to create a monster – Beautiful World.  Tiesto and Mark Knight are two of my favorite artists and its not everyday that collaborations like this happen. Beautiful World is very special in my books. Its so uplifting. “House is a feeling” and tunes like this really embody that feeling. This is it people. This is why I love the music that I love.

You might recognize Dino on the vocals from Meck’s songs So Strong and Feels Like Home – which were both big hits from 2007 and 2008. Dino has a pretty distinctive voice that seems to work well with big melodic tracks like these.

This video is quite interesting! It is very well done with quality cinematography, but I promise… you won’t guess what happens in the video. Sometimes I think it is better to listen to a song without seeing the music video – I suggest listening to this song first without looking at the video. And then listen to the song while watching the video. A lot of times music videos can “ruin” a song for me (or at least create a different perspective, which I don’t always like). Whether you like the video or not, you can’t say you predicted THAT ending.

This track has not been released yet. It will be available from Beatport starting March 21st. But until then you can listen to this video over and over to quench your thirst.

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